Veg Power advertising campaign 2020

#EatThemToDefeatThem will be back in 2020 only bigger and better. Find out how you can join the campaign.

Veg Power formed a partnership with ITV and together created the Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign which ran in the first quarter of 2019:

  • ITV donated £2m of TV advertising
  • Every major national grocer supported with funds and in-store support
  • Outdoor poster companies, cinemas and newspapers donated another £3m of advertising
  • 300,000 veggie reward charts distributed in school
  • Network of social influencers engaged with over 3m people on social media
  • Support from celebrities including Ant & Dec, Jamie Oliver, and Team GB

They are teaming up again for 2020 and this time they will be joined by Channel 4 and Sky allowing to deliver nearly twice the advertising. The ambition is not only a bigger advertising campaign but also a bigger, better and bolder programme in schools and communities across the UK.

Sustainable Food Cities members and local authorities, many of them running Veg Cities campaigns, got involved in 2019 and helped the campaign take over advertising boards, schools, restaurants, canteens, veg stalls and cooking clubs around the country.

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