Sustainable Food Places Award

The Sustainable Food Places Award is designed to recognise and celebrate the success of those places taking a joined up, holistic approach to food and that are achieving significant positive change on a range of key food issues.

The Award is open to any place - be it a city, large town, borough, county or district - which is a member of the Sustainable Food Places Network. Award winners are formally announced each year at the national conference.

The Awards framework has been reviewed for 2020 onwards in consultation with SFP members and partners with the aim of strengthening the core elements of a successful local food partnership and programme and improving the application process. It is an evolution of the previous award framework and therefore any preparatory work you have already undertaken using the previous framework will be easily transposed into the new one.

Award winning applications

We have so far awarded the following places in recognition of their fantastic efforts and achievements in promoting and normalising healthy and sustainable food.

Current Award winners

Awards Timelines 

Round 1 (Started 2020)

• This round is now closed for new expressions of interest.  

• All applicants currently part of round 1 will shift to round 2 dates below.


Round 2 (Started September 2020)

This round is now closed for new expressions of interest.  

• Full draft application submitted for feedback by 29th January 2021

• Feedback on draft applications provided by 26th February 2021

• Final application due 15th April 2021

• Awards decision May 2021

• Announcement of award winners at SFP Conference June 2021. 
Round 3 (Starting 2021) 
• Expression of interest due September 2021

• Final application due April 2022

• Awards decision May 2022

• Announcement at SFP Conference June 2022

Round 4 (Starting 2022)

• Expression of interest due September 2022

• Final application due April 2023

• Awards decision May 2023

• Announcement at SFP Conference June 2023


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