Evidence of impact

We are working to evaluate the full breadth and depth of impact of the Sustainable Food Places approach and programme, both in driving positive food system change and in delivering measurable benefits to local communities.

Evidence Database

Over the last three years, the Sustainable Food Places Network of local food partnerships has told us a huge amount about their work. Through surveys, consultations, interviews, reports and research studies, we have collected a vast set of data evidencing the impact of local food partnerships.

To capture and share this data, we have systematically reviewed and archived it into a more accessible format, the new SFP Evidence Database.

The SFP Evidence Database logs just over 1092 actions of over 57 partnerships across the UK, identifying 38 areas of food systems impact.

Access the Database here


The database can be used as:

  • A knowledge sharing tool to learn about the work of local food partnerships through case studies of good practice, examples of innovation, and evidence of viable alternative approaches.
  • An action monitoring tool to help track and visualise the impact of food partnerships.
  • A tool for communicating the scope and scale of food partnership work.
  • A foundation for conducting other rigorous forms of impact methodology, e.g., Impact Process Tracing, Ripple Effect Mapping, Outcome Mapping, etc.


How to use the database: 

Check out this quick start video to get you up and running using the database:

How to use the new Evidence Database - document


How to add new data

This SFP Evidence Database is intended to be a live resource, where new information is added regularly. Below is a link to a form that allows you to quickly add new evidence of your partnership’s impact. Any information you submit is immediately added to the live database allowing learning to be shared across the network. Information will also be directly shared with the SFP comms team where we will share and platform your great work—so here’s the hook, tell us about the great work of your partnership and we will spread the word across our national platforms!

Don’t worry about recording lots of information, just pop down a couple of sentences about what was done - we will follow up on this later.

Add new data here