SUGAR SMART – working with water companies and engaging teenagers

6th March 2018

This webinar organised by Sustain and Sustainable Food Cities focused on engaging young people on the issue of sugar overconsumption. Research has found that 11-18 year olds consume three times the maximum recommended amount of added sugar. We heard from SUGAR SMART campaigns in Bristol & Norwich, who have formed partnerships with local water companies to resource and deliver engaging campaigns aimed at young people.


14.00 Welcome and housekeeping, Sofia Parente and Vera Zakharov, Sustain

14.05 Introduction to Sustainable Food Cities & SUGAR SMART campaign, Sofia Parente and Vera Zakharov, Sustain

14.10 SUGAR SMART Bristol - working with Bristol Water, Youth Council, Thirsty Eyes campaign, Wendy Parker and Claire Lowman, Bristol City Council

News item on the launch of the Bristol Sugar Smart campaign

View Thirsty Eyes Video

View Bristol's media campaign statistics

14.30 Questions

14.35 SUGAR SMART Norwich – working with Anglian Water, pilot with secondary school, Rachel Hunt, Healthy Norwich

View #SUGARSMART video (with subtitles)

14.55 Questions and discussion, Sofia Parente and Vera Zakharov, Sustain

15.05 Ends


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Questions and discussion. Read here


Sofia Parente, Sustainable Food Cities, Sustain
Vera Zakharov, Sustainable Food Cities, Sustain


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