Autumn 2022 SFP Campaign Grants are Live!

The SFP campaign grant applications for Autumn 2022 are now live! This webinar offered an opportunity to hear about what the grants are, share some ideas and get feedback. The recording is available for any who missed the event or want to refer back. 

SFP campaign grants: an overview 

Campaign grants are now live on SFP member dashboards. On the 5th of October, a webinar was held on the grants, and application process. 

This meeting was an opportunity to hear about the available campaign grants for Autumn 2022, share ideas, and get feedback.

Catch up with the recording and presentation slides below, check your member dashboard for more information and application forms, and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Applications for our campaign grants are now open, and the deadline is 5pm Monday 21st November 2022

See presentation slides here

For more information on the Good Food Movement, please see guide: hereThe guide is also located on member dashboards.

All webinar recordings can be found on the sidebar in the events tab, or through this link: Webinar Recordings. This is a bank of resources to refer back to or in case you were unable to attend a webinar you'd wanted to.

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