Sugar Smart - embedding sugar reduction in local award schemes

22nd May 2018

This webinar organised by Sustainable Food Cities and Sustain focused on embedding SUGAR SMART actions in local certification and award schemes. A key challenge for local campaigns is ensuring that sugar reduction education and reduction of sugary food and drink on offer becomes standard practice. Embedding these actions in award schemes is a great way to create a legacy of healthier food provision and healthier food culture in local settings.

We heard from SUGAR SMART Brighton & Hove and the council's long-running Healthy Choice Award programme, and from SUGAR SMART Cornwall on their work with the county-wide Workplace Health scheme. We hope it provided participants with a better understanding of such schemes and a chance to consider opportunities to create a legacy of sugar reduction action in their localities.

Unfortunately due to a technical issue we were unable to record this webinar, we apologise for this. Please do have a look at the presentations and Q&A for insights.


Introduction to Sustainable Food Cities, Vera Zakharov
SUGAR SMART Brighton & Hove – embedding SUGAR SMART actions in Healthy Choice Award for the out-of-home sector, Martina Gregori
SUGAR SMART Cornwall – embedding SUGAR SMART actions in Workplace Health Awards, Amy Bromfield


Q&A, Vera Zakharov and presenters 


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