Member Communications Support Session 1 - The Absolute Minimum

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In this webinar series we will explore the basics of what makes for good communications, how to make ourselves look as good and fundworthy as possible, and our mantra throughout will be; Make the most with the least amount of input.  

In this first Session we will explore what the absolute minimum is. 

Part 1: How to fill in your Dashboard (what is most important to include)

  • Social Media Links (give us all of them, even if not there yet)
  • Logo, or even just SFP member logo, but I would STRONGLY recommend creating a Logo, even if super basic.
  • Photos (min 3) to be interspersed on dashboard page eventually
  • Fill in ALL the sections, tell us about your partnership, and make sure that we have the latest contacts – please fill them in when someone moves on.
  • We will also give you this info to be part of a Comms Handover pack when someone new comes in.

Part 2: How to make yourself look good, legit & fund-worthy. 

  • Invest in a LOGO and a Tagline, it will make you look very professional à pick your “branding” and stick to it, it will make it easier for people to follow you and easier for you to do.
  • Be consistent across all platforms that you’re on.
  • Connect all your platforms, make sure that everything is mentioned everywhere (more in a later session).
  • Invest in your anchor point and make yourself accessible – we need to be able to “Google” you.
  • Take pictures, show us what your food partnership DOES.
  • Link to us and each other.