SFP Campaigns Breakfast: Planet-friendly diets, not just for those on high incomes

For our first session in September, we explored how the way we present and frame conversations around climate-friendly diets can help them land well with policymakers and the public.

We looked to applying reframing to less and better meat to show how diets with more plants and better meat are possible and desirable for people and the planet and do not exclude people on lower incomes.

We heard from Dr Courtney Scott, Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, about their new research on participants’ attitudes to problems/solutions around food and how to frame communication around climate and diets. You can read more about the research here.

Following the presentation, we heard from the audiences experiences of framing this issue successfully, and input to a narrative and Q&A we are producing on planet-friendly diets. 


You can find the full recording here.

FOE presentation here.

FFCC presentation here.


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