SFP Campaigns Breakfast 13 April 2021

Campaigns breakfast session to learn from local campaigns and projects tackling GHG emissions from food and help us develop a new SFP campaign on food and climate.

As you probably know we want to ramp up action on food and climate during this phase of Sustainable Food Places. We have revised the key issues of SFP and our awards programme to better reflect the importance of tackling the environmental impact of food. The next step is to develop a SFP campaign to achieve the maximum impact in reducing emissions from food and invite you, our members, to join the campaign with the support of campaign grants. We are projecting the next round of campaign grant funding to open in the Autumn of 2021 (exact dates TBC).

Fortunately we are not starting the new campaign from scratch. There’s already a lot of experience in the network that we want to build on and learn from. This is where you come in, we would like your input in the development of the next SFP campaign.

Before the session, please read this short Sustain analysis of UK councils’ action to tackle climate change through food and have a think about what makes a good local campaign on food and climate: what are the smart objectives, who are the local targets, what groups are you including and involving that are often marginalised or excluded? We will ask for your input during the session but this will happen more productively if you come prepared.

10:00 – Welcome and objectives, SFP team

10:05 – The big three food and climate areas of action at the local level (less and better meat, increase and protect land for agro-ecological food production, reduce food waste), action so far, SFP timelines, Ruth Westcott and SFP team

10:20 – Pilot campaigns and projects from the network

·        Less and better meat, Gemma Birley, Cambridge Sustainable Food

·        Peri-urban farming, Vicki Hird, Sustain

·        Food use, Ali Ghanimi, Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

10:40 – SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of three campaign themes on Miro board, everyone

11:00 – Top level analysis of responses and next steps, Ruth Westcott and SFP team

 11:15 – End

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