Good Policy for Good Food: Scaling-up local food policy in England

Our toolbox of local authority food policy levers aims to help those who want to engage more effectively with local policy-making and reap the full benefits that doing so can bring.

Sustainable Food Places

Good Policy for Good Food shows the wide range of policy levers that local authorities have at their disposal to support local food systems and embed that change for the long term.

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The toolbox of 29 policy levers is illustrated by clear practical examples of where these have been successfully used, inspired by the achievements of Sustainable Food Places Network members and beyond.

The guide is by no means exhaustive but tries to paint a relatively comprehensive picture of existing local food policy levers and best practice. From the adoption of healthy and sustainable food policies for the local authority, to making best use of Supplementary Planning Documents, Street Trading Policies, Section 106 Agreements, clauses on use-types in the Local Plan, adopting the Living Wage, using Meanwhile Leases, business rate reliefs and more. It is regularly updated.

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