Join us for our Day of Celebration and Action June 10th

Getting recognition and support for local food partnerships

Sustainable Food Places

Food partnerships play a vital role during the best of times, but this role has never been more crucial. The Covid-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated the vulnerabilities we face from across our food systems and within our communities. We have seen an amazing response to the crisis from many food partnerships, in collaboration with local authorities and Local Resilience Forums. However, in many cases this collaboration has been hampered by a lack of full recognition of the role that food partnerships can play, and by the serious financial challenges faced by both the partnerships and their respective local authorities.

In an effort to really highlight the vital role played by local food partnerships to national, devolved and local government, this year’s Day of Celebration and Action on June 10th will showcase the incredible work partnerships are doing across the Network as they strive to meet the needs arising from the crisis.


Here are some ways you can get involved on the 10th:

  1. Celebrate: Post on social media one thing you are really proud of about your local food partnership's work. Use the hashtags #goodfoodtogether #foodpartnership and tag @FoodCities, @MHCLG, @RobertJenrick, your local food partnership and local authority to spread the word on social media and help increase our reach. 


  2. Support our letter to government on social media: Alongside this celebration, the SFP network will be calling on the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick MP to support one food partnership in every local area. The letter has the support of 20 of the best-known national food and farming organisations including the Food Foundation, Fareshare, the Food Farming and Countryside Commission, N8 AgriFood and the London Food Board, well as prominent academics including Professor Tim Lang of City, University of London. 

With our collective voice, we can put the full weight of the Network behind this letter. If you are part of, or have worked with a local food partnership we are asking you to share what you’re most proud of in working to create a better food system for everyone in these challenging times. Whether it is coordinating emergency food provision, supporting local producers or providing ways to get involved as a food volunteer in your community, we want to showcase all the amazing activity happening across the Sustainable Food Places Network. By organising a day when we can shout about all that we have achieved, we believe that food partnerships across the UK can secure the recognition and support of both national and local governments they so clearly deserve. 

Join us on the 10th of June on Twitter to celebrate local food partnerships.


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