How 'Eating Together' reduces chronic food poverty and isolation, new report

The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) would love to see the food poverty debate move away from talking solely about food banks and have shown that Lunch Clubs can provide an alternative for people. 

The BHFP have produced a new report on communal eating in the city. Their findings largely exceeded their expectations with almost half a million project-led shared meals per year in the city. These meals mainly take the form of 'lunch clubs' with varying forms from offering breakfast, lunch or dinner, targeting a specific audience or being open to all, and making the most of waste food.

Initially aiming to understand the role of shared meals in reducing longer-term or 'chronic' food poverty, the study also found significant evidence of the huge role of shared meals in bringing people together and reducing isolation.

Read a more detailed account of the report or see the full report.

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