Growing the Good Food Movement

A guide for food partnerships to support more people to get involved in community food action.

Building and sustaining a good food movement is one of the six elements of the food partnership development journey, as part of the Sustainable Food Places programme.

Every local area deserves a plethora of diverse, inclusive, engaging and life affirming activites for people to get involved in that not only improve access to good food, promote sustainability, but also build community connections and give people a sense of power in improving our food system.

The Sustainable Food Places (SFP) vision of a healthy, sustainable, equitable food system is not one that will be achieved behind closed doors, on paper or in a queue; it will take shape in local communities, through sharing, learning, connecting and organising. This guide offers a framework of actions and tried and tested approaches for, and from, food partnerships to support more people to get involved in good food, whether for the benefit of themselves and their families, or for the benefit of their wider communities.

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