Food Futures: From Business as Usual to Business Unusual

WRAP have undertaken a visioning exercise and look at how our food system is likely to evolve by 2025. The report explores future trends, the huge challenges we will be facing and the opportunities we need to grab in order to ensure the sustainability of our food system.

The Food Futures report was launched at WRAP’s annual conference on the 5th of November. It assesses 15 topics in the UK food system from farm to fork and outlines recommendations for actions by industry and government.

The 3 key trends identified are:

  • Increasing challenges to food system resilience
  • Explosion in data-enabled technology
  • Alignment of health and sustainability agendas

Each of these are followed by recommendations for businesses and policymakers which include:

  • leading on climate change action,
  • reducing food waste,
  • encouraging partnerships,
  • gathering food chain data and making it accessible,
  • supporting enterprises and initiatives that deliver health & environment outcomes,
  • pursue joined up policies on health and sustainability
  • use public procurement to drive health and sustainability agenda.

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