Disco Soup Toolkit

You are not doing your bit to reduce food waste if you haven’t yet made soup whilst dancing to music in a public place!  Disco Soup (or rather soupe) originated in France and has captured the imagination of the world with events happening across the globe.

Ingredients are sourced from farms, shops or wholesalers which would otherwise go to waste, people are gathered together in a public place and then soups, salads and other deliciousness are made, all with a disco groove backdrop!  Dance, cook, eat - what more do you need?  Perhaps knowing that you are reducing food waste as well.

Putting on an event is a great way to highlight the food waste issue  in your community whilst having a lot of fun at the same time.  Here is an excellent toolkit to show you how to do it, produced by the French team at www.discosoupe.org/  translated from the French 

Disco Soupe Toolkit

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