Climate change and the Right to Food - Friends of the Earth briefing

"How climate change undermines everyone’s right to food, the key role agriculture plays in driving climate change and what needs to happen at the United Nations climate talks in Paris 2015 and beyond."

Despite having enough food to feed the global population, we fail to meet the fundamental human right to adequate food. Friends of the Earth address the relationship between agriculture and climate change in this new briefing and recommend:

  • International recognition of the Right to Food
  • A strong global climate deal
  • Support for agro-ecological practices that build soil fertility and soil moisture, enhance seed, crop, and livestock diversity and local control of seed diversity
  • Avoid false or harmful solutions such as “Climate Smart Agriculture” - business-as-usual practices including intensive livestock production, synthetic fertiliser and pesticide use, as well as soil carbon offsetting
  • Recognise and act on the implications of high carbon diets, in particular the role of meat production and high levels of consumption
  • Tackle food loss and waste

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