Global Food System Ideas from the UN Food Systems Summit 2023

Let's talk about the Food System. What does this mean, and how can we think about it differently? 

Setting priorities to address the research gaps between agricultural systems analysis and food security outcomes in low-and middle-income countries

Dan Saladino presents what happened at the United Nations Summit in Rome and looks at some of the big ideas being put forward for change on the BBC Food Programme (paraphrased to provide you with a summary):


1. The School Meals Coalition led by Finland who provides universal free school meals.

2. Procurement (the buying of food for public services - in this case school food) in Brazil to support family farms.

3. The Right to Food as a Human Right - everyone is entitled to have access to good food. Food is not a commodity, food is life.

4. Direct sales from farmers themselves - a UN Coalition Linking Farmers Markets around the world. Farmers markets are emerging in many places, people want action and they want to rebuild trust between city and country. The desire for community is universal.

5. Investing in local food - shortening local and regional supply chains.

6. True Cost of Food Policy - changing the basal economics of the price of food.


The central message of the UN summit was the need to change the economics of food.


Will these solutions be implemented in time? Can world leaders run a marathon at the speed of 100 meters?



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