14 cities sign Good Food Cities Declaration

SFC welcomes the international efforts of the 14 C40 cities who have signed the Good Food Cities Declaration.

The Good Food Cities Declaration commits cities to taking a partnership approach to adopt food policies and strategies around food procurement, healthy diets, food waste whilst ensuring a food system that benefits all.

Commitments include:

  • Align food procurement policies to the Planetary Health Diet ideally sourced from organic agriculture
  • Support an overall increase of healthy plant-based food consumption in our cities by shifting away from unsustainable, unhealthy diets.
  • Reduce food loss and waste by 50% from 2015 figures; and
  • Work with citizens, businesses, public institutions and other organizations to develop a joint strategy for implementing these measures and achieving these goals inclusively and equitably, and incorporating this strategy into the city’s Climate Action Plan.

Together, these signatory cities serve 500 million meals per year - in schools, hospitals, and other public buildings, and are improving availability and affordability of delicious, nutritious and sustainable food for their 64 million citizens.


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What you can do

The ‘Building a food partnership’ theme of the SFP Toolkit – the pink section – contains resources to help you establish an appropriate and representative food partnership. In particular these resources will be useful:

Get the right people involved by encouraging and planning Stakeholder engagement and steering groups

Facilitate community participation and build representation through Community food mapping and Food focus group facilitation

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Guides & toolkits

Sustain's Food and Covid-19: How local authorities can support recovery and resilience report highlights three key areas that contribute to a strong local response: principles, processes and partnerships.

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Local Policies

Bristol Food Policy Council secured strong references to food in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The HWB has a key strategic aim to use ‘our combined influence and commissioning to support work to tackle obesity, nutritional deficiency and food poverty’. The Health and Wellbeing Strategy has 10 key priorities, one of which is food (page 5). The aim is ‘to create a healthier, more sustainable, more resilient food system for the city to benefit the local economy and the environment’.

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