A Welsh Food System Fit For Future Generations

WWF Cymru recently commissioned the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University to produce a report to help us understand what a food system fit for future generations could look like in Wales.

The report recommends that a national vision needs to be co-produced between government, farmers, food businesses and other stakeholders including, importantly, the public through new participatory approaches at local, regional and national levels.

It further calls for Welsh Government to 'lead in the development of a food system strategy for Wales. This strategy would help link together different parts of the food system, all the way from farm to fork, which in turn could help drive a more integrated food system.'

They conclude that the Well-being of Future Generations Act provides the vision and levers needed to achieve a significant transformation in Wales’ food system.

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What you can do

The ‘Developing a food strategy’ theme of the SFP Toolkit – the blue section – contains resources to help you develop a sustainable food vision and strategy. In particular these resources will be useful:

Develop an action plan to deliver the food strategy in an inclusive, participatory and collaborative way through following suggestions in the Action planning guide and facilitating Action planning workshops

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