Wandsworth Food Partnership

Wandsworth Food Partnership is a network of people interested in food in Wandsworth. Our purpose is to network, share, collaborate and create a stronger and healthier food system.

Our partnership priorities:

  • To promote & value cultural aspects of foods
  • To reduce food waste
  • To promote sustainability
  • To promote healthy food consumption
  • To promote physical activity

What we do

Our partnerships hosts monthly meetings for anyone to attend. We discuss current issues facing our members and residents, bringing in guest speakers to offer advice and guidance. We also share information from other stakeholders which our members may find useful, including workshops and  funding opportunities.

Upcoming projects/work:

  • Working towards the creation of our food poverty action plan
  • Food Summit
  • Smarter Shopping workshops
  • Volunteer training 
  • Promotional project for local food vendors
  • Promotion of Healthy Start Scheme both for eligible families and market vendors

Areas of expertise

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Supporting Good Food Business

Shifting Consumer Behaviour