Waltham Forest Food Partnership

Partnership bringing together Organiclea, Hornbeam and key food partners together with the council to develop a vision and strategy for a more resilient food system in Waltham Forest. Informed by the Food Growing Network (FGN) and Food Resilience Network (FRN), the partnership has a ground-up approach, focusing on the ground-level work of groups and projects who have identified the gaps, needs and places for solutions.

What we do

We're a young Food Partnership, having developed with support from the GLA's Food Roots Incubator programme. We've been co-developing a food strategy for Waltham Forest with the council, which will be published later this year. This community-sector lead Food Partnership will bring together partners on a network level to work on an action plan to build a better, local food system. Watch this space!

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Climate & Nature Friendly Food