Tower Hamlets Food Partnership

Tower Hamlets Food is a partnership of organisations and individuals taking action for good food for everyone in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

By good, we mean that food in Tower Hamlets is:

Available and celebrated - neighbourhoods are brimming with opportunities to buy, sell, grow, share and celebrate tasty, culturally-appropriate food

Fair for all - all people can access nutritious, culturally-appropriate and affordable food with dignity.

Community-led - communities are inspired and empowered to develop good food knowledge, skills, resources and projects. 

Healthier for people and planet - food produced to higher environment and welfare standards and with lower greenhouse gas emissions is commonplace.

What we do

In November 2020 we opened The Food Store, a community pantry on the Burdett Estate in Poplar. The Food Store is a Tower Hamlets Food Partnership project, with funding from the council and Wen, and managed by Burdett F.C.

Our Principles for a Just and Sustainable Food System guide the borough's recovery from Covid. 

Our Keep Growing campaign helped people to grow their own food during the first Covid lockdown. Anyone can access the resources we developed, including videos and blogs on all stages of organic growing.  

Our Just FACT programme is working with communities on a just transition to an environmentally sustainable local food system.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Tackling Food Poverty

Climate & Nature Friendly Food


Food Power
Sugar Smart