Torfaen Food Partnership

The Torfaen Food Resilience Partnership was established in January 2022. The Partnership shares a vison to develop a sustainable and fair food system that provides affordable and healthy food for all.

Our Food Charter will create opportunities for all sectors to get involved.

The Good Food Goals are based on...

  • Our Health
  • Our Community
  • Our Education
  • Our Jobs
  • Our Future

The Torfaen Food Partnership believes it is ALL OUR RESPONSIBLITIES and that every small action counts.

Partnership members are working closely together to develop a Torfaen wide Food Resilience Programme that:

  • Builds a co-ordinated approach to food resilience, supporting projects and services to work together.
  • Promotes networking and collaboration, through interventions that bring together businesses and partners within and across sectors to share knowledge, expertise and resources to stimulate innovation and growth.
  • Creates a strategic plan of action to develop sustainable actions

Our partnership believes food is the anchor to engagement and that our sustainable food journey will improve peoples health and wellbeing, enable a thriving economy and help rid the stigma of food poverty.

What we do

Over the past few years we have developed a variety of projects that has engaged the community and local food sector. Our Food4Growth project commissioned a variety of studies looking at green agriculture, land based production and rural skills to identify key players in our food economy and create positive solutions to existing barriers. We have piloted a range of grant schemes to support sustainable actions in communities and to create links to welfare services to ensure those in need receive the support at right time.

Food4Torfaen is our new Food Resilience Programme. We have secured funding for the next two years to deliver a variety of projects that deliver against our Food Charter. This includes:

  • Community Food Scheme Grant for third sector groups and schools to develop food poverty actions, such as community growing, links to welfare services, food waste and food pantries
  • Food Development Grants for local businesses to add value to existing products, support diversification, create new opportunities in marketing and distribution.
  • Create a series of community wealth and food hubs in our key towns.
  • Develop a series of networks for our key stakeholders of social food, the food economy and education and skills.
  • Launch a growing food connections survey to engage with the wider public
  • Develop and deliver a communication plan to publicise our Food Charter and Food4Torfaen goals.

case studies coming soon……..

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Active Food Citizenship

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Supporting Good Food Business

Climate & Nature Friendly Food