Torbay Food Partnership

Torbay Food Partnership has a Food for Good Charter with pledges for community, people and the planet and that help people, businesses and organisations take positive action.

We have a dispersed and shared governance approach where active citizens, community and conservation organisations, and people from different public sector departments come together to 'orchestrate' and share the work. 

The partnership developed from 2021, hosted by Torbay Council which had nurtured a Food Alliance as part of the Covid response.

Following a change in pollitical administration and staff in 2023 which threatened to interrupt momentum, LocalMotion Torbay was able to continue to host and develop the ambition to become a Sustainable Food Place. This has been a positive, neutral space for collaboration, connecting different departments and sectors to amplify work already underway and think creatively about the future.

What we do

We previously developed A Food for Good charter.

A Food Systems Overview has been collated. We want to review and improve this to enhance and prioritise our action plan.

A Food Strategy was previously drafted through engagement. We're refreshing it to finalise with broadened engagement and ownership.

Working groups are forming under each theme to carry out work in more detail.