South Lanarkshire Good Food Forum

The South Lanarkshire Good Food Forum aims to represent and engage with food stakeholders across all food sectors in South Lanarkshire. Partnership working in South Lanarkshire is very dynamic with a number of food sub-groups and networks focusing on specific topics such as food growing, public procurement, food economy, healthier food environment or Fairtrade as well as more local groups. The Council is also working in partnership with other public bodies, the private and third sectors to implement the Good Food Strategy. The vision of the strategy is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of everyone in South Lanarkshire through the development of a Good Food Council where food is celebrated, supports healthy life and wellbeing, is affordable and accessible to all, encourages a fair and inclusive food economy, has limited impact on the environment and climate change and promotes animal welfare.

What we do

By taking into account all the aspects of food, the council has set out key objectives and intentions for the council to deliver change, work with partners and support the community as stated in the Good Food Strategy. You can watch the short animation for more information about the strategy or read the summary. The objectives of the strategy cover 6 themes: Good Food at Home and the Community, Good Food in the Public Sector, Good Food Economy, Good Food Growing, Good Food for the Environment and Good Food Governance. The strategy also provides an overview of the food system, builds on existing good initiatives and encourages collective actions.

Areas of expertise

Food Vision & Action Plan

Good Food Procurement

South Lanarskshire Council is implementing is 4th year action plan. Action plans are approved by the council Climate Change and Sustainability Committee and progresses are reported twice a year.