STOC Good Food (South Tyneside Open Collective for Good Food)

STOC Good Food (STOC) is a food Partnership that emerged from the cross sector collaborative project ‘Food Fair’ between; South Tyneside Council Departments; Public Health, The Anti-Poverty Strategy Group, Carbon Reduction & Environmental Sustainability, and third sector organisations;  Women’s Health in South Tyneside (WHiST), Apna Ghar (A charity run by and for minority ethnic women in South Tyneside) and Hospitality & Hope (South Tyneside Food Bank & Community Shop Network).

The focus of the Food Fair project is Food Education, Food Sustainability and Advocacy and the accountable body is WHiST. There is a partnership approach to management and oversight of the programme with the local authority departments mentioned above. Hospitality and Hope and Apna Ghar are managing delivery with input from community members and business representatives where possible. 

STOC and Food Fair share the same vision, creating a true partnership of likeminded organisations and individuals pulling together to create improved outcomes for South Tyneside. STOC also considers the wider over arching three pillars of sustainability (Economic, Environmental & Social) which forms the backdrop of the partnerships vision statement.


What we do

Our Vision: “To deliver a more sustainable food system for South Tyneside, enabling access to food that is equitable and healthy for residents, organisations and the planet”. 

Our current and past work:

  • A collaboratve appraisal of South Tyneside's (Food System Overview).
  • A Partnership work plan produced covering 6 key themes.
  • Clear Terms of Reference document produced.
  • Created brand identity to inform future media, comm’s channels.
  • STOC website to communicate STOC’s aims, objectives & calls to action.
  • STOC collaborated with public health on ADPH North East regional benchmarking survey ‘Good Food Local North East’, identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas to take action within South Tyneside, whilst forging useful links within the local authority.
  • Engaged with 40+ departments/organisations to attend STOC Good Food Launch presentation outlining food sustainability themes.
  • Set up 4 working groups in accordance with SFP framework across key themes, gaining valuable crosssector insight identifying strengths and weaknesses in the food system contributing as evidence towards our SFP membership application.
  • Continued support in the delivery of the 'Food Fair' project. 
  • A collaboration with South Tyneside Events Team on a re-useable cup pilot to significantly reduce the amount of single use plastic at high footfall summer festivals, raising funds for South Tyneside Food Bank and marketing the partnership to the wider public arena.