Sustainable Food Norwich

Sustainable Food Norwich is a collaboration between Green New Deal Norwich, the Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development based at the University of East Anglia, Goodery, The Feed, Nourishing Norfolk, the Norwich Institute of Healthy Ageing, Norwich University of the Arts and a growing list of advisors, champions, demonstration sites and other supporters. We are bringing about food sustainability and security in a strategic partnership with Norwich City Council.

Our partnership is part of a continuum of work that began in 2008, when Transition Norwich asked a gathering of 400 people "How can Norwich Feed Itself?" Fast forward to now, in a global context of food insecurity, soaring farming costs, escalating diet-related ill-health, and the climate and ecological crises, and this question has never been more critical. 

Sustainable Food Norwich will take a strategic approach to localising our food system in a way that tackles the root causes of these issues, without waiting for national and international governments to take action.

The strategy and action plan we develop in collaboration with the people and organisations of Norwich will help the city meet its obligations as a signatory to the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration. 

What we do

We are re-thinking our local food system to put nutritious, local, affordable and regeneratively grown whole foods on everyone’s plates. Done right, this will help address food poverty, diet-related ill health and the climate and ecological crises, while supporting local farmers, businesses and communities to thrive.

There are already many organisations, businesses and individuals trailblazing the way forward, and the partnership will help bring that work together into a more powerful, collective voice.

Sustainable Food Norwich will work with demonstration sites, including Marlpit Community Garden and Norwich FarmShare to empower more people to grow and cook their own food. It will build on the work of the Norwich Food Network and help deliver its Food Equality Action Plan. 

The partnership will also help create shorter supply chains, put community at the heart of healthy food and work with people across the city to develop a food vision and strategy. The aim is to give Norwich local resilience against a backdrop of global uncertainty. 

To see a map of sustainable food activity in and around Norwich, check out our map here:


Areas of expertise

Tackling Food Poverty

Climate & Nature Friendly Food