Food in North Lincolnshire

Food in North Lincolnshire aims to improve accessibility to healthy, affordable food and to transform our food culture to one that improves health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability and the local economy.   

The Food in North Lincolnshire Partnership is the responsible body for leading the development and delivery of the Food in North Lincolnshire (FiNL) Pledge, and Action Plan.  The partnership has representatives from the voluntary sector, local authority, the local hospital trust and food retailers.

Currently the Partnerhsip is chaired and supported by North Lincolnshire Council Public Health with a vision to support the partnership to become independent in the future. 

The contact is: Ms. Sajda Shah, Public Health Manager



What we do

There are a number of activities underway in North Lincolnshire and some of our highlights are:

The North Lincolnshire Healthy Lifestyle Service has a Cook4Life team who are able to deliver a variety of cooking activities.  These include cook and eat sessions, taster demonstrations and a one day workshop. 

All activities provide individuals and families with the opportunity to learn –

  • How to create meals that are delicious, nutritious and affordable
  • How to confidently cook meals from scratch
  • How to understand basic nutrition, food labelling and portion sizes
  • How to make healthier choices and improve health and well-being

Cook4Life activities are delivered in a fun, interactive and supportive environment in venues across North Lincolnshire.  Contact