Bwyd Powys Food Partnership

Bwyd Powys Food Partnership was established in Spring 2022

Our Interim Chairperson is: Richard Edwards

Our Steering Group currently consists of: 

- Powys County Council

- Powys Teaching Health Board

- Neath Port Talbot College

- Cultivate

- Social Farms & Gardens

The Partnership is currently working to a 6-Month Action Plan and the overarching goals of the Plan are:

1. To build broad engagement from stakeholders (identify stakeholders across each of the 6 SFP goals)

2. To ensure the food partnership reflects a wide range of local views and perspectives (hold focus groups with key beneficiaries e.g. families on low incomes; refugees; community food groups)

3. Populate an online Food Map with information about the local food landscape (share online map with key partners and members of the public via website, social media etc)

4. Co-create a food vision, strategy and action plan (hold a Food Summit in 2023 with a range of key stakeholders and decision-makers. Prior to Food Summit, work with a cross-sector of the community in Powys in order to map out and understand their views on what is needed in order to create a Good Food Movement across North Powys and create Active Food Citizens.


What we do

Since being formed in Spring 2022, Bwyd Powys Food has been involved in the following campaigns:
1. 'Food and Fun' Welsh Government Holiday Enrichment Programme

2. Powys Teaching Health Board's NVQ Level 2 "Nutritional Skills for Life"

3. Tir Coed horticultural studies Level 2 "Sustainable Horticulture"

4. Social Prescribing working in partnership with Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

5. Food For Life "Plant Share" initiative

6. Partnership with Social Farms & Gardens to carry out a "Sustainable Procurement Food Hub" delivery model

7. Building partnerships with Family Integrated Centres including Welshpool and Newtown

8. Linking in with PAVO's Community Connectors to bring our messages to as many people as possible

9. Productive Community Orchards programme

10. Delivering a Campaign Grant "Food for All" to create a Good Food Economy across Powys

11. Carrying out mapping and stakeholder forums with the communities of Powys to map: People. Policy. Place. To identify what is happening already, what the gaps are and what the barriers are. All information will be used to inform our Food Summit on 16 October 2023.


Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Active Food Citizenship

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Good Food Procurement

Transforming Local Supply Chains