North Northants Sustainable Food Network

North Northants Sustainable Food Network's mission is: To ensure North Northamptonshire is a sustainable food place; where everyone can enjoy healthy, local, affordable food; communities can help shape their local food environment;

and where together we can work towards the eradication of food poverty and insecurity.

The Network was set up by Northamptonshire ACRE, a charity working with rural communities and Made in Northamptonshire, a co-operative working with the county’s food and drink producers, during the pandemic in 2021 as both organisations were concerned at the difficulties residents in the north of the county were experiencing in obtaining affordable and healthy food. Membership of the Network now includes members from North Northants Council, Voluntary and Community sector organisations, Public Health, local businesses and educational establishments and the Chair is Elaine O’Leary from Northamptonshire ACRE. The Network meets every two months.

What we do

We are still a young partnership and currently working on our first set of projects. However, because of the partnership working and shared aims, the network was able to source funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund to deliver our Full Circle project. Full Circle consists of two parts:

The development an interactive map of North Northants showing local people where they can find local food manufacturers and farmers, food larders and food banks, community cafes, pubs and hospitality, refill shops and food waste reduction busnesses to shop at: It also produced a report showing gaps in the food chain.

The second part of the Full Circle project allowed the Network to offer a trio of online platforms, two of which help businesses and community groups to reduce food waste and a further app that helped farmers, producers, suppliers and food retailers chart their journey to sustainability.

Details about the Full Circle project can be found in the final evaluation report on this site.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Awareness and Engagement

Promoting Healthy Eating

Supporting Good Food Business

Climate & Nature Friendly Food