Food Newcastle

Food Newcastle is a partnership of businesses, organisations and individuals with a passion, interest or remit around various aspects of good food. We are an independent non-profit movement that, through our expanding partnership, provides awareness encouraging others to share information and take action to create a healthier food culture in Newcastle upon Tyne whilst helping protect our planet.

Food Newcastle aims to become a sustainable food city by building networks, connecting with others and promoting good sustainable food to improve the quality of lives in Newcastle upon Tyne.

‘Good Food’ underpins the quality of people’s lives in Newcastle. Not only is it essential to our survival but the way we eat it, buy it, grow it, transport it, and dispose of it has a profound impact on the city we live in. Food can change the landscape of our city, the strength of our economy, the health and wellbeing of our community, the environment as well as our culture and social lives. Promoting ‘Good Food’ is a powerful driver and must be embraced at the heart of any effort to improve people’s lives.

What we do

Food Nation: Inspiring people about good food through their Home Recipe Kit Programme. With more families suffering from food insecurities throughout covid, Food Nation needed to find a solution to providing local residents with fresh, nutritious food, whilst also ensuring the families had the knowledge and skills to use these ingredients to produce healthy, tasty meals.

The Byker Food Pantry: A food cooperative, ran by Life Vineyard Church. The pantry operates using a membership and points scheme, which aims to provide food at half the supermarket price. This ensures the local community have a long-term solution for managing their food costs, and helps them take control of what they’re buying. This project supports around 300 people every month, and has been operating for over 4 years. 

Local Heroes: An online virtual market. The covid-19 pandemic caused additional challenges for local producers, including reduced demand. Food and Drink North East provided an online food market that promotes, sells and delivers high-quality local North East food and drink to homes and people across our region. 

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Supporting Good Food Business

Tackling Food Packaging & Waste