Mid & East Antrim Food Partnership

Mid and East Antrim Food Partnership currently consists of Council Officers, Organisational stakeholders such as Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Social Farms and Gardens, and Community Stakeholders such as Positive Carrickfergus and Larne Area Community Support Group.

We are committed to developing a Strategic and Collaborative Approach to Good Food Governance and Action through Sustainable Food Places. Our Vision is ‘A Borough renowned for the vibrancy and diversity of its food culture and celebrated for sustainable food produced from sea, coast, mountains, farms and gardens’.

Encouraging new members to join in 2023 will help expand the partnership's reach and impact. By involving a diverse range of stakeholders, we can tap into a different perspective and expertise to promote sustainable food production and foster a vibrant food culture in the borough.

What we do

- Terms of Reference agreed

- Kitchen Table Talks programme 

- Draft Action Plan agreed

Working on a new idea, we hope to promote healthy eating, give people opportunity to make and enjoy local and cultural food in their communities, and support those in need. We also hope to stimulate the use of local vegetables on allotments.

The Big Plan (Community Plan) and the Council's Roadmap to Sustainability are two important strategic documents that MEABC has incorporated to secure the longevity of Sustainable Food Places in the borough. In order to keep sustainability at the forefront of all councils' activities and services, as well as beyond, sustainable food will continue to be a crucial component.

Our partnership activities include:- 

Engage with local allotment associations to encourage the cultivation of local produce.

Community cooking and tasting events that highlight local and cultural foods. Partner with local chefs, food enthusiasts, and cultural organizations to showcase a variety of recipes and culinary traditions.

Educational programs focused on food literacy, nutrition, and sustainable food practices

Community-led food projects that address food insecurity and promote access to healthy, locally produced food. This can include initiatives like community gardens, food banks, or cooking classes for vunerable groups.

Public awareness campaigns to promote the benefits of sustainable food choices and the importance of supporting local producers.

Collaborate with local businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and food retailers, to promote sustainable food practices.

Finally we celebrate the successes of the Mid and East Antrim Food Partnership and its initiatives. Sharing inspiring stories, testimonials, and case studies to showcase the positive impact of sustainable food practices within the borough. This has inspired others to get involved and support our efforts.



Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Awareness and Engagement

Transforming Local Supply Chains

Tackling Food Packaging & Waste