Merton's Community Fridge Network

Merton's Community Fridge Network is an extension of Merton’s Community Fridge, founded by the environmental charity Sustainable Merton in May 2020. A community fridge is essentially a big fridge, located in a friendly space, where surplus food is donated by businesses and residents and redistributed to the community. Currently comprised of four community fridges, Merton’s Community Fridge Network is a long-term initiative to address food poverty and food waste in the borough. Along with Sustainable Merton, current partners include Wimbledon Guild, Commonside Development Trust, and the Association for Polish Family PYZA. 

As well as distributing food, we are working to form links with local growing places to get more of the community involved in growing, learning and sharing food. It is our hope that through workshops and community activities at each of the fridges, community hubs will form, strengthening and enhancing the lives of those in our community. 

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Good Food Procurement

Tackling Food Packaging & Waste