Manchester Food Board

Manchester Food Board (MFB) is an independent body, and includes representatives from the environmental, health, business, housing, farming, and voluntary sectors. The Board’s aim is to ensure the development of a food strategy for Manchester that:

  1. Secures access to sustainable, appropriate, and nutritious food for all people
  2. Promotes a vibrant food culture and helps create a dynamic and robust hospitality sector
  3. Creates more resilient supply chains
  4. Reduces the environmental impacts of the food system
  5. Facilitates collaboration, research and innovation in the food system

These priorities have been re-affirmed in light of the challenge presented by COVID-19. We believe that food is fundamental to Manchester’s vision to “build back better”, and our Policy Statement sets out our vision for this recovery. Our Action Plan is currently in development, and will provide a clear pathway for achieving this vision.

What we do

We are working with a wide range of local partners and organisations to bring about meaningful and lasting change in Manchester. Through promoting sustainable and high-quality food, we are working to address some of our city’s most difficult challenges, including climate change, poverty, and obesity.