Good Food Leicestershire (Find us on Facebook @goodfoodleics)

Good Food Leicestershire aims to get nutritious Leicestershire food into Leicestershire bellies. We're also backing low-input farming methods that reduce carbon, enhance the environment and improve nutrition. We're looking to ensure the gold Food for Life standard Leicestershire Traded Services - who feed most of our primary schoolers - have their exacting standards written into policy. We'd like to reduce food waste and see the National Food Strategy become a reality. We'd like more people to be growing food. We'd like new housing development policy include allotment spaces and orchards. We'd like parents to eat more fruit and veg, and feed their kids more fruit and veg, too. We'd like consumers to buy British and seasonal food. We'd like Britain to become as close to 100 per cent sustainable, instead of importing 46% of its food. We'd like food to be given the importance and duty of care it deserves. Our diets affect our physical and mental health and the health of our planet. 

What we do

* BeanMeals project to grow haricot beans tweaked for the UK climate using regenerative farming - an alliance between GFL, Stanford Hall CSA, EcoVillage in MaHa and Wildfarmed. And now Oxford University and the Soil Association. 

* A diet, nutrition and cookery programme for expectant and new mums with Zenner nutrition.

* A feasability study on local procurement getting local produce into local schools. 

* In April, we organised the first Leicestershire Food Summit which got 100 people from different areas of the local food system together to look at improving food security.

*Currently looking into procurement, with an event scheduled for the end of September t Allerton GWCT, so sustainably grown food with higher nutrition ends up in the tummies of our school kids.