Lambeth Food Partnership

The Lambeth Food Partnership has embarked on a process to bring more people and organisations together, inviting old and new members to re-imagine how the Partnership can work to ensure local people and communities are at the heart of a flourishing sustainable healthy food landscape Lambeth.



  • works to create a food system where everybody in Lambeth can eat well and make food choices that nourish themselves, their community and the environment,
  • Is based on the principles of food justice including equitable access to food which is culturally appropriate and nutritious,
  • Strives to be inclusive and relevant, with workstreams that reflect the needs and issues faced by the diverse communities in Lambeth,
  • Has sustainability at its core – responding to emergency food situations (such as supporting emergency food hub provision during Covid) whilst long term the goal is for food system transformation.


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Areas of expertise

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating


Food Power
Sugar Smart