Lambeth Food Partnership

The Lambeth Food Partnership aim is to ensure everybody in Lambeth can eat well and make food choices that nourish themselves, their community and the environment. Lambeth Food Partnership was founded in 2012, and is an innovative, local organisation that galvanises organisations and individuals to cultivate a healthier and more sustainable food culture by joining the dots and bringing together residents, community groups, businesses, local government and the National Health Service to develop and deliver a borough level food strategy. As a partnership we have three key values of which are, being Supportive by giving our time, resources and energy towards both the vision and mission of the Board and our partner’s ambitions and aspirations. Secondly, is always being Transparent and making sure we are being honest with one another and our stakeholders about our successes and failures in equal measure. Lastly is Pioneering , we trail blaze for food partnerships in the UK, take risks and and willing to risk failure.

What we do

The Lambeth Good Food Charter – Lambeth Food Partnership

Areas of expertise

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating



Food Power
Sugar Smart