Kent Food Partnership

The Kent Food Partnership is on a mission to create a diverse and inclusive environment in which all its citizens and visitors can access and know about good, healthy and affordable food that is sustainabily grown, produced, processed, sold and served, boosting the local economy, creating a sense of community and protecting the environment.

The Kent Food Partnership has identified our Priority Actions for 2024 under each of the Strategic Objectives. This was undertaken in partnership at a very well attended Kent Food Partnership summit which occured at the beginning of October 2023.  Stakeholders with a vested interest in Food and Drink attended, and we are finalising our Kent Food Strategy which we hope to launch inJanuary2024. 

The Kent Food Partnership brings together lead agencies Produced In Kent and Social Enterprise Kent with local Government, Health institutions, Kent Universities, food and drink business representatives and community groups.  The partnership will showcase the good work that is being done already, advocate for change, encourage cross-sector collaboration as well as developing an ambitious local food plan for the future.

Under the stewardship of our Chair, Anna Taylor of the Food Foundation, our Governance and Strategy is managed by the Steering Group comprising organisations such as Produced In Kent, Social Enterprise Kent, Bore Place, University of Kent, University of Greenwich, NIAB-EMR, NHS, Kent County Council, PH, Kent & Medway Fresh Food / Horticulture Group.

Our goals are to achieve a foundation for a better regional food system, and our objectives are ambitious and aspirational, with realistic, achievable and measurable outputs.

What we do

The Strategic aims of the Kent Food Partnership are;

  1. Promote healthy, sustainably produced and affordable food to the public.
  2. Build community food expertise, skills and resources.
  3. Tackle food poverty and diet-related ill-health.
  4. Support a diverse and vibrant food economy.
  5. Transform catering and food procurement.
  6. Reduce waste, reuse and redistribute surplus and minimise the ecological footprint of the food system.
  • Develop a better funding infrastructure to support food and drink-related activities aligned with strategic objectives 1-6.

The Kent Food Partnership Strategy - what is it?

  • Foundation for a better regional food system.
  • Strategic guidance for stakeholders in the area under governance of Kent County Council.
  • Requires commitment from key stakeholders.
  • Strategic objectives and outcomes are longer-term goals.
  • The outputs are actions that we aim to undertake in the next 3-years.

There are lots of good iniatives being undertaken, but we are all working in silos, the Kent Food Partnership aims to understand what is already being done, to avoid duplication and create a partnership where we can all work together.  Together we have a stronger voice and can push for change in terms of legislation and policy.  Being part of the Sustainable Food Places means we are part of a huge national network, where we can learn what works elsewhere and join forces across county borders.

The Kent Food Partnership started work in January 2023, and formed the Steering Group, quickly followed by 5 key focus groups;

  • Good Food Movement - led by Bore Place.
  • Healthy Food for All - led by Social Enterprise Kent.
  • Sustainable Food Economy - led by Produced in Kent.
  • Catering & Procurement - led by University of Kent.
  • Food for the Planet - led by University of Greenwich.

Each group set about understanding and mapping the iniatives, organisations, businesses and players in each of the focus groups.  Inviting organisations such as community groups, gleaning volunteers, charities, health, education and businesses to join the groups.  The Kent Food Partnership will showcase the good work being done already, advocate change, encourage cross-sector collaboration as well as the development of an ambitious food plan for the future.