Hull Food Partnership

Hull Food Partnership developed as a result of the work undertaken by Food4Hull between 2013 and 2018. Our activities are overseen by our Chair and a cross-sector Steering Group.

We employ a Development Officer and a Community Campaigns Officer to work on specific projects that are funded by external parties. Hull Food Partnership is hosted by Hull CVS and governed by Terms of Reference.

Food4Hull was a network of people embedded within the voluntary and community sector in the city of Hull. The Food4Hull network aimed to encourage public, private and non-profit organisations to collaborate together with local communities to improve the local food system and make food more sustainable and available to everyone.

Food4Hull worked to raise awareness of the huge amount of work already happening in the city in the provision of local food to all communities. They did this by building links between local producers, schools, colleges and universities and organisations such as the Growers’ Network. Food 4Hull became a member of what was then called the Sustainable Food Cities national network. This laid the foundation for the formation of Hull Food Partnership in 2016, and Hull became a Sustainable Food City in 2017.

What we do

In 2019, after years of hard work and dedication, Hull was awarded the Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award.

Using the Hull Food Action Plan we are now working towards gaining the Sustainable Food Places Silver Award. This is a lengthy process that seeks to build on our success to date and bring together key players to further develop the mechanisms needed to deliver a secure and ethical food network that benefits the people of Hull and surrounding areas.

Veg Cities Hull exists to increase the growing, cooking and eating of vegetables in Hull. We work with organisations such as Hull City Council Healthy Lifestyles Team, Hull KR Community Trust, Food for Life, Veg Power UK and many others. We do this by organising events, challenges and promotions that inspire and motivate people to get involved as individuals or as a community in the growing, cooking and eating more VEG!

The Hull Food Inequality Alliance was refreshed in November 2020 and is working cross-sector in Hull to address systemic food insecurity and poor health outcomes.

The Hull Food Charter has been developed through wide ranging consultations with organisations, businesses and individuals working to tackle the key issues we face around food in Hull. It sets out our aspirations for Hull as a Sustainable Food City, addressing food poverty, better access to fresh and healthy produce, increasing food skills and knowledge and supporting sustainable local food production, procurement and enterprise.

We work with WEA (Workers Education Alliance) Yorkshire & Humber Region Green Branch to develop and promote online and face to face training on all subjects to do with cooking, growing, business development, sustainable living, and climate change.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Active Food Citizenship

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating