Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership

Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership is a partner network.

GFFP’s purpose is to:

  • Createinnovative approaches to transforming the food and farming system by co-designing initiatives to deliver multiple economic, social, health and environmental outcomes.
  • Collaborate: across Gloucestershire and convene partners with diverse agendas. Together, we align projects so that success in one area of the food and farming system is not thwarted by constraints in another, hence producing holistic, impactful outcomes.
  • Communicate: amongst our partners to build a community network, and signpost opportunities contributing to transformational change. We champion people and organisations who are committed to improving our County, and support partners to influence policy change. 

The GFFP structure:

Network Partners - Organisations, businesses, groups and individuals who support GFFP’s vision and aims, and bring together specific experience or expertise.  

Partnership Team: Consisting of those involved in the GFFP core activities, including promoting engagement, project initiation, communications and administration.  The structure adopted ensures this activity remains tight, professional, effective and of good value.  

Project Facilitation Teams: A key purpose of GFFP is to convene and facilitate project co-design. 

Project Delivery Teams: Individual projects are then managed by a project delivery team who are accountable to the funder for deliverables. 




What we do

GFFP has been working in collaboration since 2020 with various Partners to provide an insight into the County’s food system.  Below is an overview of the work:

  1. Food Procurement and Mapping - Phase 1

    1. Countywide Farmer Survey

    2. Farmer Focus Groups

    3. Crown Commercial Services DPS S/west Pilot project 

  2. Data Collection and Mapping exploration - Phase 1 

  3. Project prioritisation workshop - GFFP’s recent consultation with the original and prospective partners resulted in a long list of potential projects (see annex, with projects listed under the most relevant SFP objectives).  Next GFFP needs to convene partners and other stakeholders to prioritise those ideas which should form the first tranche of projects to be co-designed, and then delivered on going
  4. Community Level Insight - on going 

    1. ​​​​​​​Food survey circulated via Parish Council 

    2. Community Organisation conversations (50+)

    3. Overview of conversations and summary report 

    4. Mapping of Organisations 

    5. Future project planning 

  5. Gloucestershire Regenerative Environment and Agriculture Transition (GREAT) project - This is a 3-year initiative, funded by Thirty Percy - on going 

  6. Made in Gloucestershire accreditation - This project is being developed by the Partnership network to create a scheme with practicality and integrity - on going 

  7. Skills strategy Through GFFPs engagement and representation with GFirstLEP, skills development within the agrifood sector is now a key focus and workstream. GFFP is represented on their newly convened skills subgroup and within the recently published County skills strategy - on going 

  8. Communication activities - Over the next 6 months, we plan to build on the foundations for GFFP communications that were ignited in phase two of GFFP’s development, in line with our communication goals - on going 
  9. Work towards attaining SFP Bronze Award - on going