Glasgow Food Policy Partnership

Glasgow Food Policy Partnership (GFPP) is an unconstituted group of public, private and voluntary sector organisations. The partnership was established in 2014 out of the need for the city to have a more sustainable food system. Its partners have a common goal towards one specific objective - we believe that a fairer, healthier, more sustainable and resilient food system would make Glasgow an even better city to live in. We want Good Food For All and we believe that together we can make it happen.

GFPP is currently jointly chaired by Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) and Glasgow Community Food Network (GCFN). You can see the full list of our partners here.


What we do

Since its inception GFPP has educated individuals and organisations about the food system and the importance of local food for the environment, communities and economy. The partnership has worked with community, voluntary, public and private organisations to decrease food poverty, reduce food waste and improve procurement practices in the city. It has liaised with local authority and public sector caterers and food growers, held events and seminars to various audiences and connected local and national organisations to work together towards a healthier food system in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

GFPP helped establish Glasgow Community Food Network in 2017, which connects around 300 members and supports community growing and food education activities in the city. GFPP and GCFN have supported/delivered national campaigns including Sugar Smart and Veg Cities. In Spring 2022 GFPP started its own Good Food Movement Campaign, Good Food for Glasgow.

GFPP has responded to many food related consultations held by the Scottish Government and the local authority. Following up the response to Glasgow City Council (GCC) Food Insecurity Consultation in 2018, GCC set up a Food Insecurity Working group. This lead to Rose Voucher scheme and pantries to be piloted in Glasgow. 

In 2019 GFPP organised a city-wide Food Summit during which it gained support for the development of Glasgow City Food Plan, an ambitious 10-year plan involving a small planning team, over 80 organisations and 6 working groups. The final plan was launched in June 2021. The first annual report was published in November 2022 and is available in various different formats: the full PDF versionshort summary version  and a magazine version.


Veg Cities
Food Power
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