Food Exeter

Food Exeter is charity, formed in 2019, to work with others towards sustainable and healthy food for all in Exeter. We seek lasting change to our local food system by tackling the issues of food poverty,diet-related ill health, food waste and unsustainable farming practices.
Our focus is on achieving strategic, step change across the city, through collaboration with others who share our aims. 

Although Food Exeter is a relatively new charity, a Food Exeter partnership formed in 2016, which led to the creation of the charity. Collaboration and partnership continues to be a core way of working for us.

We divide our areas of work into three main themes:

Community food.  Using food as a way of building community and individual strength, formal and informal skills,  understanding about food and a way of addressing food insecurity

We are Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with 3 Trustees and a small Advisory Group.

 Local Food Economy.  Working to peturb and change the local food system, to deliver mroe agro-ecological production, new entrants into growing and farming, farm to fork initiatives and local food hub research and activity.

Food Insecurity.  Looking at ways to reduce food insecurity and empower people living with food insecurity

What we do

  •  Undertook the first ever research into food poverty and community food activities in the city. 
  • researching the feasibility of a Local Food Centre for the Greater Exeter area
  • A collaborative research and dialogue about how to improve 'signposting' information and advice for people living in poverty
  • Setting up a not for profit organisation to trial running an online farmers market as a means of linking small producers and local customers
  • Lobbying on the need for local markets and exploring the potential for community-led markets
  • Regular advice to people seeking information about food policy in our area
  • Linking up people and intiatives where we see the potential for better joined up working


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