Eastbourne Food Partnership CIC

Eastbourne Food Partnership began in 2019 and became a CIC in October 2021.  We are an independent network of organisations, individuals, academics and council members who are involved in the local food system and share the same vision to transform Eastbourne and the surrounding area into a thriving sustainable food place.  We run inclusively, directed by a cross-sector steering group, encouraging everyone to share their voice and agency within the network to effect positive change.  We passionately believe everyone has a right to accessible, healthy food, and put good food front and centre in all we do, to improve access for all, health, wellbeing and community, the local environment, and create a vibrant local food economy.  

What we do

As an umbrella organisation, the CIC provides structured opportunities for the food support organisations (eg foodbank, community fridges, homeless support etc), food growing organisations (eg community allotments, forest gardens, schools), food producers and retailers, academics and relevant local authority members to connect, collaborate and progress activity.  We offer a strategic structure for potential network-wide projects (such as a surplus food distribution network, social supermarket/s, education and training, community events, community composting schemes, support for schools etc) under a unified action plan.  We link in with wider expertise and resources across the food system  and share relevant data and support across the network.  We also offer a unified visual platform for the network, amplifying individual voices to more effectively call for policy change and to support wider campaigns.  We can collaborate on town-wide data collection and create more effective action by working together.  Now that our structure is established and strong connections are forged, we are excited to be developing a town-wide food strategy and looking forward to collaborative project development in 2022.

Areas of expertise

Active Food Citizenship

Tackling Food Poverty

Climate & Nature Friendly Food

Tackling Food Packaging & Waste