Dumfries and Galloway Sustainable Food Partnership

Dumfries and Galloway Sustainable Food Partnership is working together for a fair, healthy and sustainable food system.

The D&G Sustainable Food Partnership brings together stakeholders and partners from across the entire region, covering Stranraer to Langholm, Sanquhar to Whithorn.

Members of the SFP represent different sectors across the food system. By working collaboratively we will bring a joined up approach to food policy, ensuring that everyone has equal access to affordable and healthy food that is good for the environment, and good for the people who produce, cook and serve it.

What we do

In 2023 D&G Sustainable Food Partnership achieved the Silver Sustainable Food Places Award.

We formed in 2020 as a working group, bringing together representative voices from across sectors. Where those voices didn't exist, we have sought to empower and facilitate them - for example we have supported the formation of the D&G Community Food Network, and the South West Scotland Regenerative Farming Network.

Some of our successes have been:

  • Supporting the set up of a Local Food Hub
  • Creating a 50min film, Rooted: Growing a Local Food Ecosystem
  • Building a citizen led food movement through our Local Food Gatherings, Good Food News, and social media followings
  • Built up a large portfolio of Good Food Stories - profiling amazing farmers, food businesses and community food projects
  • Devising and delivering new sustainable food education programmes
  • Supporting the creation of more market gardens and diverse food producers across the region
  • Agreeing a 3 year Action Plan across the 6 SFP themes

We're proud  of what we've achieved in a short space of time!

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Active Food Citizenship

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Supporting Good Food Business

Shifting Consumer Behaviour

Good Food Procurement

Transforming Local Supply Chains

Climate & Nature Friendly Food

Tackling Food Packaging & Waste