Feeding Dorset Partnership

The Feeding Dorset Partnership aims to support and serve those who are already doing amazing work across Dorset in all these areas, and to facilitate and empower them in their activities and ambitions through nurturing greater connections and building greater awareness of what they do.

From this rich and varied network of people, groups, and organisations, we encourage and support collaboration and engagement on food issues that affect people in Dorset, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This recognises the need for joint action when taking on issues that are just too big for just one approach or one person, group, or organisation..

The Partnership’s role is to adapt to support the stakeholders and welcomes and integrates their involvement as and when they are able to participate. We provide a rallying point to draw people together and a focus for enabling discussion, and turning ideas into action.

Help and Kindness and Dorset Climate Action Network are focusing this work around the six SFP themes, building communities of interest and working groups to nurture a culture that promotes safe, affordable, accessible, sustainable local food that supports the environment.

What we do

The Feeding Dorset Partnership brings together pioneering food champions and projects from communities across Dorset to improve and increase the resilience of supply and access to healthy and sustainable food.

The Feeding Dorset Partnership is:

  • Facilitating and involving local food activities in the partnership by bringing people together at events and online to share ideas, information, and skills. This includes highlighting food projects, local food production, opportunities for education and collaboration, and linking to networks working for change and improvement in the food systems across Dorset.
  • Connecting and facilitating urgent action across the Dorset food system in response to the climate emergency and in relation to the impact of the cost of living crisis on residents' nutrition and diet. We are tackling endemic challenges relating to poverty and factors that limit access to food (e.g. transport) by sharing knowledge and connecting stakeholders across all sectors within each these critical themes and supporting their collective work in these areas. This has included linking together all emergency and affordable food providers to work together to tackle the impact of poverty on Dorset residents' ability to eat well as just one example. It has also resulted in 15 new affordable food projects starting across Dorset in places that were previously underserved by projects of this kind.
  • Helping to Influence local food decision making and local food policies, strategies, and action plans to become more inclusive and representative. Influencing the hearts and minds of local people through campaigning and public engagement. Promoting and amplifying the work of many organisations who are working to educate and inform people about healthy food, and how to grow, distribute, and prepare it. This includes supporting work at the community level as well as linking large scale procurement, distribution, and retail.
  • Sharing knowledge of good practice and innovation and facilitating collaboration between stakeholders to help everyone to have greater access to affordable, healthy, locally grown food.