Acorn Food Network- Derry City & Strabane District Council

Acorn Food Network is Derry City & Strabane's sustainable food network. Established in 2021, the network is working together to develop a sustainable local food system that is good for PEOPLE, good for the ECONOMY and good for the PLANET; grown around FRESH, LOCAL, SEASONAL food.

We are growing the Acorn Food Network to help create a region where it is easy to access fresh, locally produced, environmentally sustainable food. We believe, that there should be no need to worry about how much your food has contributed to the climate emergency. We want the food we eat to help sustain our local food producers and help develop a varied, reliable local economy.

While working towards making this happen, Acorn Food Network will support individuals to buy more food from local independent growers and sellers, grow their own food at home or in community allotments, to prepare fresh, healthy meals and to waste as little food as possible. We want to help businesses and organisations to procure healthy, sustainable food that helps strengthen the local economy: in turn, we’d like these local enterprises to help and enable the local community to come together to grow, cook and celebrate healthy food.

What we do

Currently we are engaging with partners across the local food system, including farmers, business owners, allotments users, food banks and more...

We are hosting a series of local food events to bring people together for conversations around food systems change, and we are looking at examples of good practice in sustainable food from across the region.

Acorn Food Network is open to new members who can act as a collective voice for:

  • Community food projects such as emergency food provision, community fridges, community gardening and food sharing.
  • Cafes, restaurants and other food businesses.
  • Farmers, food producers and market gardeners.
  • Addressing nature and biodiversity loss.
  • Education- colleges and schools.
  • Supply chain, distribution and retail.

Areas of expertise

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Supporting Good Food Business

Climate & Nature Friendly Food