Sustainable Food Derby

Sustainable Food Derby has been developing since October 2019 as it looks to ensure the city of Derby becomes a more sustainable city in all aspects of food.  During the pandemic in 2020 more partners rapidly came together to initially ensure everyone in our city was supported but long term to develop our own food charter and look at all aspects of food including potential waste, education, procurement, poverty & deprivation, health, environment and promoting a local, vibrant, diverse and sustainable food economy.  We believe that every citizen of Derby should have access to a choice of affordable, good quality, healthy food - which will encourage a vibrant local economy and be good for the environment. Food plays a vital role in improving our own and our communities’ health and wellbeing, as well as helping to address Derby’s social, economic and environmental problems. Currently our chair is Paul Brookhouse from Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance and is ably supported by partners across all sectors. We meet on a regular basis and are curently establishing 6 sub groups around our food charter to develop a clear plan of work.