Coventry Food Network

The Coventry Food Network has cross sector representation from public, private, voluntary and community sectors. It is a space to openly debate and discuss food related issues, initiate new projects and propose the direction of travel for tackling food related issues throughout the city.  

The network has evolved from the Feeding Coventry Steering group where it was agreed that there is a need to take a city-wide collaborative and strategic approach towards food and strategy throughout Coventry.  

Feeding Coventry is a registered charity which was established in 2016 to tackle issues surrounding food poverty and it’s causes in Coventry.  

The charity’s vision is to see a “food resilience city where no one goes hungry” and its’ mission is “to empower people and organisations in Coventry to design strategies and deliver activities to end food poverty, build resilience and influence change.”  

In November 2017, Feeding Coventry launched the Coventry Food Charter with an aim to rethink and redefine the way in which we produce, transform, consume, distribute and recycle food. 



What we do

The Coventry Food Network has achieved: 

The Coventry Food Network is focused on developing a cohesive approach to food. In order to do this, we have developed a partnership work plan tackling four key themes:  

  • Food Strategy – ensuring that there is a strategic and joined up approach to food in the City, bringing partners together and being clear about how we work. 

  • Sustainability and Health – creating a fair, vibrant and sustainable food economy including local growing and procurement to tackle diet related ill -health and increasing the quality of food provision. 

  • Food Crisis- ensuring a stable and suitable food supply for the network’s projects that minimises food waste. 

  • Food Poverty - supporting people in crisis and preventing future hunger. 

By working together across the City, Coventry Food Network has  been able to reach out into the community to offer practical food support and advice to those in need – making a real difference to those who are struggling and who have found themselves in difficult or challenging circumstances.  

With the increased capacity of organisations working in partnership to source food we have been able to set up a network of Food Hubs across the city. These Hubs facilitate the delivery of food parcels to those most in need.  

There are currently 9 Food Hubs / Social Supermarkets across the city that all offer a range of community- based support. 


Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Good Food Procurement

Transforming Local Supply Chains

Climate & Nature Friendly Food