Food for All Cheshire West

The West Cheshire Food Partnership is known as ‘Food for All’ in West Cheshire.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone in west Cheshire has access to affordable, healthy, sustainable and enjoyable food to make a decent meal.

The chair of the west Cheshire Food Partnership is Steph Ellis. Steph is the strategic development lead for Food, based at the host organisation of the Food Partnership, Cheshire West Voluntary Action. In September 2023 the Governance of the Food Partnership was formalised into the Cheshire West and Chester Council Health and Wellbeing Board Structure. The Food Partnership is a sub group of the Eat Well Be Active reference group, which has a reporting line to the Health and Wellbeing Board. We are currently reviewing the formal membership (Nov 2023)

The work of supporting food insecurity has been supported by the Council since 2017, this has expanded it’s remit since 2021 when the Council passed a ‘right to food’ motion and committed to west Cheshire becoming a Sustainable Food Place.

The partners include the community and voluntary sector, public sector, health and local businesses and people with lived experience of food insecurity at the heart of all we do. 

What we do

We were delighted to become a member of the Sustainable Food Places Network in December 2022. Since then we have hosted our first local Food Summit in July 2022, a short film is here

The Food summit was attended by over 70 people, across a wide range of stakeholders coming together to work in Partnership. There are approximately 50 people involved in the working groups and many more interested and engaged with the work relating to the work of the food partnership. 

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Supporting Good Food Business

Good Food Procurement

We have really strong working relationships with Cheshire West and Chester Council, they have funded the Food Partnership (in its various forms) for the last 7 years. It started with a relationship with Public Health but this has grown significantly over the years, and we are engaged in strategic conversations and have been tasked by the Council to write the local food strategy and action plan. We are also part of the Health and Wellbeing Board Structure.