Food Carlisle


Food Carlisle is on a journey to become a Food City and aim to be a beacon of good practice, nationally inspiring others particularly smaller towns, cities or counties. We believe in working with our food producers, suppliers, transporters and local food establishments to make Carlisle a recognised high quality food city.

We want to create a city where good food flourishes and where we work in partnership to empower change towards a vibrant and inclusive food culture. We want every setting: school, nursery, college, hospital, care home, cafe, restaurant and workplace to serve healthy, sustainable, delicious food. We want to start a local food revolution and share learning to assist other places to recognise the value of working in this way.

Food Carlisle were shortlisted and became a founding member of the Sustainable Food Cities Network. in August 2013. We have developed a Charter and an action plan to advance this work and projects throughout the city.

Food Carlisle, like any other partnership has been badly affected by the pandemic, amongst other things delaying recruitment of our Co-ordinator.  Short term actions in response to the pandemic have included the support of local food banks etc.


What we do

With good local food we can achieve better health, reduce the impact of poverty and build a more sustainable local economy and society. The Carlisle Food Charter has been developed with our key partners, stakeholders and communities, and sets out what we want to achieve in Carlisle, so that everyone benefits from having “good local food for all”. We want as many people and organisations as possible to endorse the Charter and proactively work with us in making Carlisle a fantastic food city with a flourishing food culture.

The Co-ordinator will be in post in January 2021 and will be working closely with the chair to re-connect the partnership.