Camden Food Partnership

The Camden Food Partnership (CFP) formed in 2020 in response to the pressing need to address food security issues in Camden. While initially focused on alleviating food poverty, the CFP now aligns with the broader Camden Food Mission that by 2030, all residents will eat well every day with nutritious, affordable, and sustainable food.


The CFP is an independent collaborative network of over 60 members, and led by a steering group, consisting of VCS organisations, surplus food suppliers, Camden Council and Public Health, and local businesses. It is chaired by a CFP coordinator hosted by FEAST With Us, a local food insecurity and nutrition charity.


The Partnership members regularly meet to share knowledge, challenges and offer support. Throughout the year, we host open discussions, forums and workshop events to collaborate on our action plans and present our progress. Steering Group members meet every eight weeks to discuss the partnership's strategic direction and progress of the key working groups leading the action plan projects.


We were delighted that Camden was recognised in Sustain’s 2024 Good Food Local report as showing leadership in joined up action on food and tackling food poverty.

What we do

In October 2022 we obtained funding for a part time CFP coordinator and here are some key highlights since then:


  • We defined the Camden Food Partnership’s guiding values and Good Food Principles for local organisations providing food support to sign up to or request support to them achieve
  • Grew our partnership to over 60 member organisations as of 2024
  • Created the CFP Steering Group and Terms of Reference, bringing together a diverse representation from across the borough with meetings every eight weeks
  • Developed the CFP website and introduced monthly newsletters
  • The CFP and Camden residents came together at a summit in 2023 to codesign an action plan of priority areas to collaborate on
  • Introduced Open Discussions in September 2023, providing a space for organisations in the network to discuss challenges, learnings and best practice every six weeks
  • Brought together the Camden food and advice networks in regular monthly ‘Tackling Poverty’ meetings to support partners in referring and signposting
  • Created Find Food Support in Camden, an online public directory of food support available to Camden residents
  • Increased contact with food surplus providers to 'check the temperature ' of food provision and identify trends, trends and solution
  • Conducted site visits to partners to develop a clear picture of what is available within the borough and what challenges they face
  • Producing a shared learning video and report showcasing successful approaches and common challenges faced by VCS organisations within the network


Looking forward, we're eager to broaden our network through engaging with universities, NHS, local businesses, manufacturers, markets, and catering organisations to help us further our aim to improve the local food system for residents.

Areas of expertise

Partnership & Collaboration

Food Vision & Action Plan

Awareness and Engagement

Active Food Citizenship

Tackling Food Poverty

Promoting Healthy Eating

Surplus food distribution, reducing food waste, food hygiene